It’s easy to take our feet and ankles for granted. If you can do these three things each day for your feet, we’re confident that you’ll be putting them in the right environment to be strong and healthy both now and in the future. We share the three things you should do for your feet every day in today’s blog.

Clean Your Feet

Keeping your feet clean is a very important part of your foot health. If you don’t regularly wash your feet and scrub them clean, you run a higher risk of problems like athlete’s foot, toenail fungus or other types of infections. Wash and scrub your feet each day, and take some proactive steps if you notice a rash, discoloration or other potentially problematic foot issue.

Protect Your Feet

You’ll also want to protect your feet when you’re out and about, and the easiest way to do that is in a pair of shoes. Just remember that not all shoes are built the same! When it comes to picking out shoes, comfort and support are king. Find a shoe that is the correct size, that’s comfortable and that contours to the shape of your foot. You’re not just protecting them from outside elements like rocks, you also need to protect them from problems that can be caused by ill-fitting shoes, like bunions and hammer toes. Make sure you wear the right shoe to protect your feet depending on the activity.

Check Your Feet

Finally, we also recommend that you get in the habit of performing regular foot checks. Many people like to do this when they are cleaning their feet, and it’s especially important for diabetics who may be suffering from inhibited blood flow to their extremities. Regular foot checks can help catch cuts, sores or other wounds in their infancy so they can be cared for appropriately, reducing your likelihood of infection or worsening symptoms. Get in the habit of checking your feet daily for signs of any foot or health issues.

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