If you’re dealing with foot or ankle pain and considering a surgical procedure, it’s often helpful to read about other patients who have gone through similar situations. In this article, we are featuring five stories from patients who have undergone foot or ankle surgery. We hope these stories can help others who are dealing with foot and ankle conditions.

Ankle Fracture Repair Patient

“I fell off a ladder and broke my ankle, along with tendon/ligament damage. It was difficult to walk and get around so I had surgery to fix the ankle and tendon/ligament damage. I am feeling much better after surgery. I’m healing and slowly getting back to regular daily activities. Dr. McDonald and Miriam Wiggins have been absolutely wonderful. From the first day that I limped into their office to my last appointment, they have given excellent care that went above and beyond my expectations.”

Total Ankle Replacement Patient

“I had arthritis in my ankle leading to bone-on-bone pain. After my surgery, the chronic pain that I had been experiencing for the past couple of years was gone! Even the discomfort from surgery has not compared to the previous pain! The hardest part of the process was the necessary non-weight-bearing period of recovery!”

Ankle Arthroscopy Patient

“My decision to have ankle replacement surgery was driven by the deterioration of the quality of my mobility and consequently, my life. Quite simply, Dr. McDonald’s practice is the standard by which all others should be measured. From his easy-going bedside manner to his genuine concern for his patients, Dr. Macdonald was a god-send to my medical situation. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any potential patients. I would be more than willing to speak with them.”

Bunion Correction Patient

“My pain was constant and severe at times, but debilitating when walking. It limited my ability to exercise, travel, participate in activities with my family and friends, and ultimately, keep up with daily functioning. Dr. McDonald is a brilliant surgeon. I presented with a difficult situation and he came up with a plan to address all of my needs. He showed me exactly what he was going to do during my surgery, so I would be well informed of the procedure and recovery expectations.”

Ankle Replacement Patient

“After 50 years of running 5 K’s 10 K’s, playing basketball and football into my late 50’s, and suffering numerous injuries, the pain forced me to limp in constant pain. With constant swelling, pain and limping, I needed relief to have a quality life. It has been 7 months since the surgery. I have NO pain and I am walking normally. I highly recommend Dr. McDonald for total ankle replacement surgery. It has been 7 months since the surgery. I have NO pain and I am walking normally.”

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