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My Bunion Isn’t Painful – Do I Still Need Treatment?

Like a number of health conditions, bunions develop slowly over the course of a few different stages. For most people, that means they experience a period of time where they notice the beginning of a bony prominence on the outside of their foot near the

What Happens During An Ankle Arthroscopy?

An ankle arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that is used to help diagnose and address different issues in the ankle joint. It is a very helpful option because it is conducted on a minimally invasive basis, meaning that tissue damage is minimized and recovery time

5 Tips For Managing Pain After Foot Surgery

Nobody likes to be in pain, but pain is a natural byproduct of a corrective foot surgery. With that said, if you are smart about how you approach the procedure and your recovery, you can really help to minimize and control pain as you progress

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How to Prepare For Your Total Ankle Replacement Surgery

A total ankle replacement can be a lifeline for someone who has failed to find relief from their ankle arthritis through conservative means, but like any joint replacement operation, it’s going to take some work on your end to ensure you achieve the best results.

8 Tips For Remaining Non-Weightbearing After Foot Surgery

Our feet handle a lot of stress with each step we take, and because they may be in a weakened state following a surgical procedure, a number of patients who undergo a foot or ankle operation will be required to be non-weightbearing for a period

Preventing Foot & Ankle Injuries During Winter Sports

Winters in Connecticut and the northeastern United States provide the perfect opportunity for residents and tourists to enjoy some seasonal activities, like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and more. These sports can be enjoyable and a great way to stay in shape, but traveling down slick

5 Signs That An Ankle Sprain Needs Professional Treatment

Ankle sprains are one of the most common types of injuries, with tens of thousands of people spraining their ankle in the US every day. Sprains are unique to the individual and can vary in severity, meaning sometimes they can be managed at home while

Treating An Accessory Navicular In The Foot

An accessory navicular involves the development of an extra bone or piece of cartilage along the inner side of a person’s foot, just above the arch. It’s a congenital condition, meaning that it’s present at birth, and it may be much more common than we

What is This Bump on The Outside of My Little Toe?

As we’ve discussed on the blog at length in the past, a bunion is a malformation of the joint of your big toe, and most people can spot a bunion forming on the inner side of their foot. But what’s going on in your foot

The Importance of Pre-Surgical Consultation Before Foot or Ankle Surgery

If you are undergoing elective or non-emergency surgery on your foot or ankle, you’ll likely meet with your surgeon or a member of their care team during a preoperative appointment. These pre-surgical consultations serve a number of purposes, and Dr. McDonald and his team believe

Treating Bent Toes – Hammertoes, Claw Toes & Mallet Toes

Your toes are supposed to lay flat on the ground when you’re standing upright, but for millions of Americans, one or more of their small toes is visibly bent or curled downwards. They may not be painful at the moment, but if you notice that