5 Common Signs Of Ligament Loosening After An Ankle Sprain

Ligaments on both sides of your ankle help to stabilize the joint with every step you take, and when we suffer an ankle sprain, these ligaments can be overstretched and torn. If the sprain is severe or you don’t follow the right treatment plan after

4 Foot Problems Caused By High Heels

High heels are certainly fashionable, but anyone who has worn heels for an extended period of time knows just how uncomfortable they can be on your feet. You may think that as long as you can handle discomfort, you’re not worse off when the night

3 Simple Tips For Lowering Your Foot Fracture Risk

Tens of thousands of Americans fracture a bone in their foot each year, and while a good portion of these happen in high trauma incidents that may not seem all that preventable, others break a bone in a completely preventable manner. You may not be

5 Reasons For Foot Pain Without An Obvious Injury

If you stub your toe on a chair or roll your foot while you’re playing basketball, it’s pretty obvious why you are in pain. However, millions of Americans develop foot pain in a different manner without an acute cause of injury. So if your foot

5 Signs It’s Time To See A Foot Specialist

For the majority of health conditions, the sooner you seek treatment, the higher the likelihood that you’ll experience the best recovery possible. At the same time, people don’t want to spend money heading to the doctor if they can make a full recovery with some

5 Tips For Preventing Sprained Ankles During Athletics

Estimates suggest that 25,000 Americans will sprain their ankle each day, and many people are playing sports or performing athletic movements when they suffer their sprain. It may seem like these injuries are somewhat unpreventable, especially if it happens when you land awkwardly on someone

3 Tips For Treating Mild, Moderate And Severe Bunions

Bunions don’t just develop overnight, which is why we oftentimes see them in so many different stages of development. And although bunions develop slowly over time, that doesn’t mean you should just ignore the problem until symptoms make walking extremely uncomfortable. As is the case

What Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Overall Health

You may be surprised just how much we can learn about our total body health by looking at our feet. Small symptoms or different conditions could signal that there are issues with other bodily systems that we should have looked at by a specialist. In

How To Return To Sports After A Broken Ankle

Athletic activity is one of the most common ways that people suffer foot and ankle injuries. For some, a mild sprain can be treated with some conservative care techniques and a few days away from the game, while others suffer a more severe injury like

High Ankle Sprains – Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Ankle sprains are one of the most common lower body injuries, with tens of thousands of Americans spraining their ankle each day. Most of these sprains involve damage to the anterior talofibular ligament on the outer side of your ankle, which acts as a primary

The Benefits & Drawbacks of Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery

Feet come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which means that some people have a very high arch while others have flat feet and almost no discernable foot arch. Having abnormally high or low arches doesn’t guarantee that you’ll develop painful symptoms, but these

bunion correction surgery

My Bunion Isn’t Painful – Do I Still Need Treatment?

Like a number of health conditions, bunions develop slowly over the course of a few different stages. For most people, that means they experience a period of time where they notice the beginning of a bony prominence on the outside of their foot near the