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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Visit With Dr. McDonald

When it comes to getting medical care, we all want the same thing – efficiency. We want to fully and completely treat our underlying issue quickly and with as few appointments as possible, which in turn saves us time and money. However, even if you trust your care to an experienced specialist like Dr. McDonald, that doesn’t mean that the process will be as efficient as possible. You play a big part in making your care efficient and effective. In today’s blog, we share some tips for getting the most out of your consultation with Dr. McDonald.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Doctor Visit

If you want to get the most out of your appointment with your provider, you need to come in with a plan. Here’s how you can have an effective visit with your foot and ankle specialist.

  • Be Detailed About Your Symptoms – We want you to be as detailed as possible when it comes to talking about your symptoms. We know that your foot or ankle doesn’t feel normal, otherwise you wouldn’t be consulting with a specialist, but what exactly are you dealing with? Does your pain get worse with activity? Is it a sharp pain or a dull and chronic discomfort? Is it only happening on one foot or in one specific area of your foot? Many people find it helpful to write down some of the symptoms they are experiencing in the lead up to their appointment so that they have an easy point of reference when talking about their symptoms with their doctor.
  • Prepare For A Conversation – We understand that you want the doctor to figure out what’s wrong and tell you what needs to be done to correct it, but this process is easier if there is a healthy dialogue between doctor and patient. Really listen to what the doctor is saying and be detailed and honest in your answers. See this as a time to work together to solve the problem. Don’t expect your interaction to be a completely one-sided conversation.
  • Come With Goals – Letting your doctor know about some of your goals can help them chart the right course for recovery. For example, maybe you’re an athlete dealing with lingering ankle instability who wants to strengthen their ankle before the next season starts. Or maybe you’re a grandparent who is finding it hard to play with their grandkids on account of their severe ankle arthritis. Let us know what’s important to you and where you want to be when treatment is said and done, and that can help your doctor match a treatment program to your goals.
  • Ask Questions – Finally, we never want a patient to leave the exam room with unanswered questions. If you have questions prior to your appointment, or you think of something based on the conversation you are having with your physician, please don’t hesitate to ask. There are no stupid questions and we’d be glad to clarify any aspect of your care. If you don’t understand why we’re recommending a certain treatment or you want to understand how our care plan will help you reach your goals, just ask!

If you show up on time and come prepared to have a back and forth conversation with your provider, we’re confident that you’ll leave the appointment with a plan to overcome your foot or ankle issue. We understand the value of your time and money, so we’re going to do everything we can to treat you efficiently and effectively. To put an end to your new or existing foot or ankle issue, or to talk with a provider about a different problem you’re experiencing, reach out to Dr. McDonald and his team today at (860) 244-8889.

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