If you’re like a lot of people, you put off going to the doctor for foot or ankle medical care until it’s obvious that you need professional help. Oftentimes we hope that our injuries will start to feel better on their own, or we convince ourselves that this new discomfort isn’t a very big deal. Other times we simply aren’t aware that our body is trying to tell us that we need professional medical attention until we’re in a much worse state, which is something we want to avoid. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few signs that your feet or ankles are trying to signal that it’s time to connect with a physical therapist.

Worsening Pain / Discomfort

Perhaps the biggest indication that you should seek medical attention is if your pain is getting worse. Injuries typically feel a little better after a day or two, but if it gets worse, it’s a sign that there is an underlying issue that requires attention. Your body is giving you no indication that it can handle the issue on its own if things are getting worse, so call a professional for help.

You’re Falling Or Losing Your Balance More Often

Falls send millions of people to the hospital each year, and it’s the number one cause for emergency department visits for people over the age of 65. If you find that you’re losing your balance more frequently or you need to hold onto tables, chairs or other objects to help stay upright, sync up with a physical therapist. We can help decrease your fall risk and prevent a potentially disastrous fall.

These are far from the only signs that suggest you’d benefit from a visit with a physical therapist, but they are some of the more obvious and common signs we see. If you’re dealing with any of the above issues, or another foot or ankle problem that can be addressed by a physical therapist, reach out to our team today.

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