Every foot is unique in the way it is designed and displaces pressure. Some people have flat feet, some have high arches, and others have a slight pronation that changes how their body weight is distributed across the foot. These individual differences mean that you may need a different course of treatment than someone else who is dealing with the same foot ailment. Even when treatment involves a recommendation of an orthotic insert, your device may need to be completely different from someone else’s based on the shape and size of your foot. When this happens, a custom orthotic is often created to help provide individualized treatment. In today’s blog, we take a closer look at why these custom insoles are often much more successful at treating foot conditions than generic orthotics you can buy off a rack at the store.

Why Choose Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are a little more expensive than generic insoles you’ll find at a pharmacy, but they are so much more beneficial for your feet. Here’s why:

  1. Tailored To Your Foot – Even though generic orthotics may come in a few different shapes and sizes, they are still going to be limited in how well they contour to your feet. They may advertise as an insert designed to help address bunions or high arches, but like we said above, everyone’s foot is different. Your arch issue will be different from the next person’s, so it’s unlikely a one size fits all insert will provide total relief. Let us set you up with an insert specifically designed for your foot and only your foot.
  2. Differences Between Your Two Feet – Depending on your injury or foot condition, there may be some significant differences between your left and right foot. Orthotic inserts that come in a generic two-pack will be identical save for the fact that they are designed for a left and right foot, meaning it’s unlikely both feet will be fully supported. Our custom orthotics will ensure each foot gets the care and attention it needs to overcome whatever ails it.
  3. Movement Function – Custom orthotics don’t just take into account how your feet handle pressure when you’re standing, they also consider how stress is dispersed as you’re moving. We have the ability to chart how stress is channeled through your foot as you move so that your custom orthotic can support your feet when standing and moving.
  4. Corrects Underlying Issue – Sometimes generic inserts only work to mask symptoms by providing a little extra cushioning or helping to take pressure off the foot. This can help to provide short-term relief, but it may not help correct the underlying issue that’s causing pain in the first place. Custom orthotics not only help alleviate symptoms, but work to correct underlying problems to help provide long-term relief.
  5. Total Body Alignment – Custom inserts don’t just help target foot conditions, they can also help promote total body alignment and overall health. Custom orthotics can help take pressure off pivotal joints like your knees or hip, and in areas like your lower back. You’d be amazed at how often a back or knee issue can be successfully treated by a custom orthotic that helps to realign and redistribute stress across your body.

So if you are dealing with foot pain or joint discomfort and are wondering if custom orthotics could help you find long-term relief, connect with a clinic who can help with all stages of their development and implementation. We specialize in helping patients find the right orthotic insert for their foot, even if it means we need to design it ourselves.

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