A fair amount of foot conditions develop as a result of the years of stress and strain we put on them, but that’s oftentimes not the case when it comes to juvenile foot disorders. Millions of children require treatment for foot problems every year, so what’s causing these issues, and how can a foot specialist help? In today’s blog, we take a closer look at two common pediatric foot problems, and we explain how we can help if your child is bothered by any of these issues.

Ankle Sprains

Thousands of children sprain their ankles every day, and they shouldn’t be viewed as something that a child will eventually just recover from. While it’s true ankle sprains will get better, oftentimes that requires a targeted approach to ensure the supportive ankle ligaments are healing correctly. If you just let your kid go on with their day as normal, it could lead to long-term ankle instability. Consider having their sprain addressed by a specialist who can take a closer look at the extent of the tissue damage.

Juvenile Bunions

Bunions are oftentimes thought of as a condition that affects middle-aged and older women, and while it’s true that tight fitting shoes and the aging process can play a role in their onset, plenty of children are plagued by bunions each year. Sometimes genetic conditions or foot formation can predispose a child to bunion development, and intervention is recommended to get the joint restabilized. Oftentimes conservative treatment does the trick, as surgery has the potential to affect the growth plate.

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