Forefoot surgery can greatly reduce pain and improve mobility, but patients often ask about the recovery phase after the procedure. In this article, we are going to highlight the typical forefoot surgery recovery timeline.

Day of Surgery

  • You will be in a soft dressing – no cast.
  • You will need crutches for the first day.
  • No driving.
  • Cover the foot for showering.

Week 1 After Surgery

  • Office visit with the cast team for a first dressing change.
  • Weight bearing as tolerated in a post-operative sandal.
  • Pins remain in place (if applicable).
  • Swelling control with compression dressing / sleeve.

Week 3 After Surgery

  • McDonald visit for x-ray and assessment of early healing.
  • Pins will be removed (if applicable).
  • Continue use of post-operative sandal.
  • Showering OK, some begin to drive.

Weeks 6-8 After Surgery

  • Transition into normal shoe wear as swelling allows.
  • Back to work restrictions may be necessary.
  • Begin to increase activities as tolerated.
  • Driving is OK.

Week 12 After Surgery

  • Bony work should be healed.
  • Swelling continues to slowly diminish.
  • Recreational walking begins.
  • Patients first begin to believe that this may actually work…

Months 3-6 After Surgery

  • Gradual return to strengthening, endurance, and sport.
  • Early or light jogging begins at month 3.
  • Athletes don’t return to cut/pivot/shift sport activity until months 5-6.
  • Likely full return to work at 3 months, if haven’t returned already.

Make an Appointment for Forefoot Surgery

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